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Top Free Internet Radio Stations 2020

Looking for the top free internet radio stations? Check out top-rated music streaming websites and enjoy free online music streaming today!

Bottom Line

  • Customized Playlist
  • New Artist Showcase
Spotify allows users to browse an extensive song library, and create custom playlists with their favorite songs and artists in an easy to use app.

  • Customized Playlist
  • New Artist Showcase
  • Videos
Completely free with exciting new artist showcases and customizable playlists, Jango is easy to use.

  • Customized Playlist
  • Embeddable Player
  • New Artist Showcase
Specializes in showcasing new artist showcases and allows artists to record and upload songs on site.

  • Customized Playlist
  • Live Radio Broadcasts
  • New Artist Showcase
  • Pop-Up Audio Player
Radio Paradise offers live radio casts and customization playlists of unique mixes and tracks for free via their site's pop-up audio player.

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Music Streaming Websites

Music streaming websites have become very popular over the past few years. Why? Because these music streaming stations allow users from all across the globe to experience their music like never before. Users can now access all of their favorite music, albums, artists, and even favorite radio stations, via online music stations.

Not only that, some of the top internet radio and music stations will allow their users to record and upload their very own songs or albums, and will even showcase them for other users to rate, like, share and download.

Free Internet Radio Stations

Free internet radio stations are great for streaming your choice of music, or your customized playlists, with ease and with the knowledge that you can access your music at any time, and for free!

Free internet radio stations are a blast due to their accessibility and affordability, but also because they allow users to share their playlists with their friends, follow their friends’ playlists and recommend music to their friends, not to mention discover new artists and fresh new music with new artist showcases and stations supporting indie music.

Compare Best Online Music Sites

We at The Top 10 Sites are committed to helping you find the best online music sites, whether they are interested in free internet radio stations, or paid-for music streaming websites, which is why we welcome you to check out our easy side-by-side comparison tables and expert reviews, designed to help you select the top online music sites and enjoy free online music streaming today.

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